Contact Info

I go by @vickiebananas everywhere, though there are few platforms I actually use. I use Twitter personally and professionally under the same account because my work is informed by my experiences, my communities, and the communities I engage with.

How to Reach me

You can find me as @vickiebananas on Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub or you can send me an email.

Why vickiebananas?

It started in high school, because I’ve always liked bananas (which have a pretty dark history, by the way) and my friends once covered my locker in pictures of them. I’ve never actually gone by Vickie or any variation of its spelling* but I liked the ring vickiebananas had to it, so I stuck with it. I chose the ‘ie’ spelling of it because my favorite teacher once addressed a note to me using that spelling.

Older me would have gone with conchabananas, as Concha is the nickname for my middle name (Concepción) and a fun word with way too many meanings in Spanish. But alas, I’ve built too large an empire as vickiebananas and so it shall remain.

*Except for family and they spelled it with just an ‘i’ or ‘y’ and sometimes no ‘c’.