Back in September, as I was minding my own business watching the youngest's little league baseball game, a tree randomly decided it wanted a piece of me. While I ended up with lots of broken bones, unable to sit, and in for three months of intensive rehab and a year of relearning how to walk, the tree ended up in worse shape as the strength of my big bones pulverized the tree upon impact.

A faded and monocolored image that is the image described next but filtered for folks who many not want to see it or have it described. White text reads hover for a picture of the tree (tap if on mobile)
The pulverized tree
A tree fallen over a blue camping chair. The chair is crushed, the tree's width encompasses the width of the chair. In front of the chair are pulverized remnants of tree
Myself, an olive-toned individual with short hair wearing an aura mask sitting in a wheelchair with a black and orange cast. My wheelchair is in front of the door to my apartment and I'm holding gold balloons that spell out YAY
My home comeback after a month in the hospital + rehab center

Amidst the unbearable boredom of 90% of my energy going into growing new bones, I decided to redesign my website in the few and sparse bursts of energy I got as I began to feel better. So, voila! Welcome to my new site!