About Victoria

Hello there! My name is Victoria, I use they/them and she/her pronouns, and I’m an educator, academic, and engineer. I’m passionate about accessibility, CS education, and civic tech.

I’m a PhD student in the Computer Science + Learning Sciences Program at Northwestern U. I am a proud Brunonian with a Master’s in Urban Education Policy with a focus on Computer Science Education, as well as a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and Hispanic Studies.


My research interests stem from asking “How can we make computer science a safe and joyous experience for Black, Disabled, Indigenous, and Latine/x college students?”. Usually, that translates to doing work in finding curricular, pedagogical, and systemic supports to increase the retention and success of students from these groups who are pursuing Computer Science in college. Currently, I’m particularly interested in CS1 and CS2 courses (intro to programming and data structures and algorithms, respectively), as well as CS courses for non-majors. I’m also broadly interested in issues of accessibility, civic tech, equity, and social justice.


I’m a proud Chapine (Guatemalan) born and raised in Chicago, now calling Rhode Island home. I am also a proud QuestBridge Scholar, Technolochica, and a member of NCWIT Aspirations, among others. Outside of computer science and teaching, I enjoy reading, writing (poetry and short stories), and watching anything that’s suspense, thriller, or comedy.

Professional headshot of me at Harvard's Latina Empowerment and Development Conference in 2019.